Demand Forecasting should be included on the agenda of any Organization that aims to have a current and clean commercial operation, but also better risk management, maximizing the organization’s financial results and competitiveness.
Forecasting models are therefore essential to optimize planning and minimize losses, allowing you to understand the specific needs of what to produce, for what customer profile, when and with what priority. And all of this at the right price.
Article by Adriana Curto, Senior Business Manager at Closer.

What happens in the pandemic is the most complicated science and engineering, the one that kills or makes people live. It's not a matter of opinion.
Opinion article by João Pires da Cruz, Partner and Co-founder at Closer.

With the small size of our market, the disruption of European Digital Banks and the consolidation processes with Spanish banks, we are striding towards an increasing Iberian consolidation.
Opinion article by Pedro Branco, Manager at Closer.

Where it would make sense for the Portuguese State to have used more specialists in behavioral economics and fewer specialists in building apps would be in the case of the Covid19 app. It would not be that complicated to realize that no one is going to contribute to something for which the prize is not perceived.
Opinion article by João Pires da Cruz, Partner and Co-founder at Closer.

DGS signed a contract with Closer for the preparation of the covid-19 epidemiological bulletin in the next 121 days.

Was Covid 19 the big driver of the Digital Transformation of our homes, companies and our society? Maybe it just gave us an understanding of how far we were and that we still have a long path to the road of transformation.
Opinion article by Fernando Matos, Partner and Co-founder at Closer.