From technology to food, from banking to tourism, find out what are the most innovative projects of the 30 finalists of the NOS Innovation Award. Closer is one of them with the Evalyze platform.

Also at the top we find the company Closer, which helps companies to efficiently manage tasks and increase productivity. The solution is the Evalyze platform that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to identify employees' tasks and distribute them automatically. Managers can monitor the whole process.
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What is this new area of knowledge and what opportunities does it bring to young people? Discover the answers in this Interview with Fernando Matos, João Pires da Cruz and Woitek Szymankiewicz, Partners at Closer.

This Portuguese data science company, which employs around 200 people, wants to recruit over a hundred professionals to address business growth. Check also the online edition (just an overview).
Interview with Fernando Matos, Partner and Co-founder at Closer, with the participation of some team members.

While companies were forced to return to the pre-internet world in defense of name and image, the Portuguese state chose to make strides towards a North Korea.
Opinion article by João Pires da Cruz, Partner and Co-founder at Closer.

Today there is no more scarce resource than heads with mathematical reasoning. Petroleum, good or bad, springs from the ground in various corners of the world. But people who know how to think abstractly do not.
Opinion article by João Pires da Cruz, Partner and Co-founder at Closer.