ESG Maturity

Sustainability is not just about tackling environmental risks but much more. It is about creating resilience into business’ infrastructure, and this is where the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) conversation comes into play.

That’s the reason why we create this approach – embracing companies’ challenges from A to Z in order to use all types of technology to empower leaders from around the globe.

We translate, map, monitor and implement sustainability into your business.

How does our ESG Maturity service benefit you?

By assessing your organisation's ESG impact, you will be able to access real-time supply chain data that generates maps, infographics, data visualisations and impact assessments based on customisable metrics to help showcase your positive socioeconomic impact on stakeholders.

Report to governments on existing or potential local benefits to demonstrate your commitment to positively impacting the environmental, social and economic factors. It may lead to government support, subsidies, managing increasing regulatory pressure and foster better investor relations, in form of better loan conditions or lower capital costs.
Benefit SMEs, local communities and other suppliers and Impact on Gross Domestic stakeholders.
Optimise access and use to resources, optimising energy and water consumption, and reducing operational costs.
Promote greater social credibility which will result in attracting talent and greater staff turnover, boosting your collaborators’ morale, and building stronger community relations.
Promote your organisation's impact through internal and external communications to raise awareness.

We track and report on the generation, classification, storage, shipment, and disposal of any type of waste and recyclable materials.

We focus on people and process improvement initiatives using tools to amplify worker safety, well-being, while promoting anti-corruption and bribery, diversity, human rights and other social policies across company operations and supply chains. We design, manage, and report our clients’ progress.

We leverage AI-driven automation to transform regulations into detailed, mapped requirements for more efficient, accurate and consistent corporate governance management.

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