Closer’s Data Science Approach

Data Science Figures

Knowledge is not useful in the hands of people that explore data all day. It is useful in the hands of those that don’t have that role in the organizations but need fast access to what data brings.

At Closer, we develop algorithms and customized mathematical models based on our Data Science, Data Analytics and Data Engineering experience, enabling companies to make the wisest decisions on their challenges.

Where access to Big Data is available, the integration of Big Data Analytics platforms has been a successful approach to perform sophisticated descriptive and predictive analytics and gain competitive advantage.

But not all organizations are prepared to handle or provide Big Data. With our data science expertise, we enable you to uncover valuable and new insights from your standard data sources like data warehouses, application logs, transactions or other systems.

Closer Analytics

What are your business challenges?

Some examples that we address:

Customer acquisition

  • Should I approve this credit line?
  • Who is the best target for my campaign?

Customer usage and growth

  • Which campaign is the most promising one for which customer?
  • Which clients will buy a car and when? 
  • Whom do we approach with a differentiated offer?

Risk and profitability

  • How can we optimize our pricing model?
  • How can we optimize our scoring models further?
  • Apply PufferFish portfolio optimization


  • Who will leave us and when? What should I do to avoid it?


Stay up to date and keep yourself informed about Data Science trends, best practices and much more. We hope you find these scientific insights relevant for your business.

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