"Businesses encounter massive amounts of data on a daily basis. Much of it is disorganised and unstructured, but in order to identify and utilise data of value, businesses need some kind of processing system. In this article, we´ll explain the benefits and difficulties of Big Data Projects, exemplifying with different kinds of Big Data Analytics and real time Big Data."


"Data Storytelling is too often interpreted as just visualizing data effectively. However, that is only part of it. Data Storytelling is much more than just creating visually-appealing data charts."

"Technologies that support the creation and presentation of dashboards will tend to evolve towards being more comprehensive, proactively incorporating automatic actions either when deviating from established goals, or in scenarios of increased gap concerning the competition, or even in response to what the forecast provides"

"On top of uncertainty, insurers of the current era are facing more and complex challenges. With Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, the rise of Big Data and Internet of Things, the creation and pricing of insurance products is now more complex and challenging than ever. Insurers need to adapt to the new era and find the optimal combination between profitability and competitivity, while satisfying the customer needs."

"While global productivity growth seems to slow down steadily on average, a closer look shows clearly that the most agile and innovative companies, the frontier firms, are accelerating their competitive advantage. To which one does your company belong? Are you leading Digital Transformation or still trying to catch up?"

"It does not matter how deep your learning is; how big your data is. Copying whatever the human brain is doing does not lead you anywhere. It is straightforward to show that whatever inflationary system we are dealing with - doesn’t matter if it is the universe of galaxies, subatomic particles, economic agents – that system will be interconnected and highly heterogeneous. Those systems cannot be learned, even if we try to assume them flat Euclidean geometries. And it is not only artificial intelligence that is on hold due to this problem"