"Price optimization has revolutionized the conventional practice of actuarial science. This methodology allows individual variables to be integrated into the pricing process. It enables companies to tailor client proposals and to stay ahead of competitive movements."

"What competitive edge can Banks get with the effective adoption of AI? Benefits range improved cost-to-income, shortened innovation cycles, better and large-scale personalization, and an enhanced omnichannel experience. Being more specific, we address how Banks can take advantage of AI to induce cost reduction, income growth and improvement of the user experience and engagement."

"Data Storytelling is too often interpreted as just visualizing data effectively. However, that is only part of it. Data Storytelling is much more than just creating visually-appealing data charts."

"Technologies that support the creation and presentation of dashboards will tend to evolve towards being more comprehensive, proactively incorporating automatic actions either when deviating from established goals, or in scenarios of increased gap concerning the competition, or even in response to what the forecast provides"

"On top of uncertainty, insurers of the current era are facing more and complex challenges. With Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, the rise of Big Data and Internet of Things, the creation and pricing of insurance products is now more complex and challenging than ever. Insurers need to adapt to the new era and find the optimal combination between profitability and competitivity, while satisfying the customer needs."

"While global productivity growth seems to slow down steadily on average, a closer look shows clearly that the most agile and innovative companies, the frontier firms, are accelerating their competitive advantage. To which one does your company belong? Are you leading Digital Transformation or still trying to catch up?"