We bring new perspectives to make our clients' lives easier

When in 2006 we founded Closer, it was an act of faith. To be faithful to the principle that with innovation, commitment and quality it would be possible to create a business reality in a country like Portugal that works for the whole world and that the whole world recognizes us as the best in the world.
Obviously, this path has not yet ended, but we proudly are a team of hundreds working with clients from all over the world, always complying with our set of values that has remained unchanged since the foundation and carrying out our mission: To Challenge Complexity."



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We treat others like we would like to be treated

Integrity: Profit goals or personal promotions do not prevent us from doing what is right for a Client, a Partner or a Colleague;

Responsibility and Respect: for the people we work with and the commitments we assume;

Openness: We carefully listen to our Clients, Partners and Colleagues;

Close Relations: We should always offer a good and fair business to people. No short-term goals should compromise long-term commitment on building relationships;

Congeniality: Never forget to say sorry or thank you.

Professional Pride

Professional Pride

We are always looking for an optimal approach

Critical Sense: We appreciate and analyze with ponderance, rationality and constructive sense;

Perseverance: We are persistent in the pursuit of our objectives;

Assertiveness: We build effective and efficient solutions that respond to the challenges we face;

Creativity and Innovation: We encourage to get out of our ordinary world and create innovative and breakthrough solutions. We love to be tested.



We allocate resources where they really matter

We avoid excess, waste and bureaucracy;

We believe that efficiency helps us maintain our feet on the ground, promotes self-sufficiency and fosters competitiveness.



Closer was setup in 2006 with the mission To Challenge Complexity. We gathered a team of seasoned IT professionals to offer our clients different approaches and new perspectives. We had the courage to combine hard work and knowledge by believing that bright people can make the difference.

From the beginning we chose to invest in R&D and focused on quick-win solutions in BI, Risk Management, Compliance, Cloud Computing, Mobility, Big Data and Social Networking. 

Today we are harvesting the fruits of that believe by creating solid proven solutions and engaging in those areas.